Would you like coffee with your morning briefing?


It’s Monday morning and time for pharma reps to start the work week.  In the old model, reps had to act like detectives to figure out what needed to be messaged, where they needed to go and the most efficient way to go about it.  A typical day might start with reps opening their SFA, checking on the latest Rx data, pouring through reports, planning their routing and finally heading out the door.  They may not know exactly what they needed to say to each doctor or even the ones that truly needed a call.  Following the prescribed call plan seemed to work well enough and any pre-analysis that was done was completely subjective.

Imagine a different Monday.  The rep pours his coffee, fires up his tablet and, much like the daily newspaper, has a summary of key developments in his territory right on his opening page.  He knows whether scripts are up or down for the week, exactly where his territory is ranked and is given a series of intelligent business alerts that point him to specific issues impacting his geography – things like formulary wins, new doctors adding patients to therapy, physicians turning to the competition, which doctors are under-called and who might need a sample.  Like short news summaries on a newspaper’s front page, the rep is given one picture of his performance and action items.

Through a series of apps, the rep can next drill down to specifics.  The apps revolve around the rep’s daily process.  The rep might turn to Pre-Call Planning to see all the key details relevant to a specific physician – which formularies is he aligned with, does he prefer branded drugs, is he open to trying new drugs, what other doctors are mapped in the same vicinity.  Or, he might open up the Routing App to plan the most efficient routing across his territory.

Maybe the rep also has a territory update meeting with his division manager.  With the click of a button, the Business Review App assembles a clean, standardized presentation with all the key performance charts and metrics; no more hours spent cutting and pasting reports into PowerPoint.

This is what Verix does.  It organizes the key information the rep needs to see in a logical, easily digestible format.  By alerting the rep to potential trouble spots, it removes the subjectivity of analysis and points everyone towards success.  It certainly makes that first cup of coffee more enjoyable.