Turn red roses into red alerts- How to detect anomalies before they affect your business


Have You Noticed There’s a Rosebush in Every Vineyard? Why and what can we learn from it?

The picturesque 12th century Chateau Clos de Vougeot in Burgundy was famous for its prolific vineyards, maintained by local monks.  These monks realized that roses and vines have much in common and planted rose bushes at the end of each vineyard row; the roses acted as sentinels to the vine, as they are both susceptible to the same diseases. Vine growers all over the world still use the rosebush method. When a vine grower notices that a rose has mildew, he knows immediately it is time to treat his grapes to prevent them from getting the same disease.

Verix HotSpots act exactly the same way as the rosebush in the vineyard, serving as a sentinel of your customer base.  Early detection of competitive promotional activity, decline in prescriptions in certain populations, prescribers churn, inefficient messaging, or any other unexpected obstruction, allows brand teams to take quick recovery action before it turns into a large problem, saving millions of dollars.

HotSpots are early warnings and insights based on ML analysis of trend patterns and anomalies that guide decision makers where to focus and when to intervene.  Verix advanced analytics algorithms exhaustively scan all relevant intersections of diverse data sources, identify exceptional nodes and point to the root source of the problematic phenomena and its underlying drivers – just like the roots of the roses in the vineyard.

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