What if you had Alexa on your team?

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“Alexa, tell me about our product performance with key opinion leaders in the Mid-West?”
“You are on target for the month, but there was a formulary change with a key provider and an unexpected number of patients just switched off of treatment, do you want to hear more?”

The weather, the time, the news, your schedule – for many typical daily questions, Echo/Alexa has a good answer. What if you had the same type of real-time, context relevant answer engine for your brand? What new competitors are building traction with key prescribers, what changes are there in our managed market relationships, how are patients in Hawaii adhering to treatment? If you could ask these questions and get trustworthy answers every time, the ability to grow your brand and meet your goals would be easier.

Verix Can Help

  • Verix is a pharmaceutical commercial optimization engine that provides product and customer knowledge with alerts and trends to spot leading indicators of change
  • Verix integrates all relevant data sources so brand and sales teams can see and act on relevant insights that impact profitability and growth
  • Verix enables a more data-driven brand team and marketing optimization process showing real-time results and impact of integrated marketing programs
“Before Verix, understanding a trend change would normally take at least a day with the whole team, digging in data coming from various sources, with Verix it takes 10 minutes of one person’s time.” – Guy Peri, Vice President, P&G

Get answers to your commercial questions. Learn more about how Verix is helping commercial organizations like yours achieve their goals:

  • See how Verix is helping commercial organizations better leverage disparate data sources to maximize effectiveness in this white paper.
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