This Week’s Top Pharma Articles from the Field


“I’ll take a coffee with my sunshine,” says a recent board I saw on Pinterest. Truthfully, I could do with both.  In cold winter days, a bit of warmth doubled with caffeine is all I need for a good start.

The majority of this week’s compile does not bring the voice of mainstream publications but rather those of the field. This week’s featured Pharma articles are about nurturing change in Pharma marketing, gamification of drug adherence and how Pharma is learning to collaborate.

Collaboration: “the action of working with someone to produce or create something”. A simple definition for a much complicated task that requires breaking down barriers and gradually taking care of transparency issues.

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1. Nurturing change in Pharma Marketing

By Chris Ross, published on PM Live

“The 2015 model is the Elton John of field forces; it’s half sized, it’s had its fair share of cosmetic surgery, but it’s still standing,” says Ross when describing pharma sales force evolution. What a vivid comparison. In his opinion, the best multichannel approaches will comprise the proper alignment of human and digital resources. Find out why such optimization takes time.

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2. Top 7 Trends in Pharma Marketing for 2015

By the Blue Latitude team, published on Blue Latitude

The marketing agency shares its predictions for 2015:

1.       Patient Empowerment

2.       Wearable Technology

3.       Virtual Reality

4.       Storytelling

5.       Using biomarkers

6.       Marketing and Medical Automation

7.       Data, Security, and Privacy

Are they on track? See if you agree.

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3. Turning Drug Adherence Into a Game Actually Works, Study Finds

By Emily Wasserman, published on Fierce Pharma Marketing

Earning points for filling a prescription and winning prizes for sticking with meds might sound like a patient’s dream come true. For pharma, the idea could be an adherence game-changer. According to new study results from HealthPrize Technologies, more than half of patients who participated in the company’s gamification efforts continued to fill their prescriptions and stayed with the programs over time. Read more to review this short study.

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4. Multichannel Marketing for Pharma White Paper

By the “we’re couch” team

Customers these days have far more control over what they consume in the way of marketing than they did in the past. It’s now easy for them to “tune out” messages that don’t come in their preferred format or on their favorite channels.

These challenges, combined with the varied nature of digital media, mean that no single channel is consumed by or likely to reach customers. This points to a clear opportunity to implement multichannel marketing strategies that optimise the use of a number of available channels to reach the different markets, depending on the methods target audiences prefer.

The realization has taken hold that MCM is the way of the future for pharma. How, then, does the industry effectively implement integrated strategies that make use of several channels simultaneously?

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5. Beyond the Blame Game: How Pharma is Learning to Collaborate

By Jesper Høiland, President of Novo Nordisk Inc., published on Pharma Exec

Under the Affordable Care Act, the US made great strides in extending health coverage to millions of people who previously had none. Nevertheless, for many people who struggle with chronic illnesses, paying for medical care is a challenge.

In recent months, the media has put a spotlight on these access issues, causing a wave of finger pointing among pharmaceutical companies and health insurers. The drug industry argues that high deductibles and co-pays discourage economically challenged individuals from filling prescriptions that could make them well. Insurers counter that the problem lies in the high cost of medications to treat chronic diseases.

According to Jesper Høiland, patients, physicians, and other healthcare stakeholders are getting tired of this blame game. Most people feel it is time for pharmaceutical companies and insurers to bury their differences and collaborate on behalf of patients. Review Høiland’s take on the collaboration challenge.

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