Verix – The Perfect Complement to Your Pharma CRM Software

So, you have your pharma CRM software in place. Your contacts are all neatly in order and easy to access. Now, how do you bring to fruition your potential business with all those contacts? What do you need to do to actually boost the bottom line Where’s the low hanging fruit? Which prospects should you approach first? What would be the best message for that hesitant prospect?  Why are sales dropping at this account in Pennsylvania?

It’s time for quality business analytics to come on top of your pharma CRM software and focus you on your best opportunities.  While CRM helps you manage your data, business analytics helps you optimize it and make the most out of it.

A high quality BI solution allows you not only access to the information in a convenient, easy to use manner, but the ability to analyze and act upon it.  This gives you a huge competitive advantage, with better, focused insights.

The Verix Life Sciences solution comes with numerous out-of-the-box applications that were specifically designed to complement your CRM systems such as Veeva, Siebel,, and others, with complex metrics and statistically driven insights. Verix takes advantage of all your pharma CRM software data, adds other internal and external data sources, from marketing and Managed Markets information to 3rd party syndicated data sources, such as IMS and WKH.  Verix helps you focus on relevant issues, whether it’s opportunities to take advantage of or threats to quickly resolve.