Verix Helps Bayer Successfully Launch New Oncology Drugs

Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceutical is a large multinational company with 37,700 employees and net sales of €11B. In 2012 Bayer US Pharma was set to launch two new high profile oncology drugs. Managing drug launches is complicated, with incoming data from multiple sources that must be integrated into a single comprehensive picture. The first three months are critical for any new drug’s success, requiring constant tweaking of strategic components, such as promotions, targeting, messaging and pricing.

After using 11 different reporting systems, Bayer was repeatedly perplexed by their inability to keep up with the pace of the business. The need for a cutting edge, agile analysis solution that constantly morphs to reflect the latest status of the business and the market, was mandatory to guarantee success of the new drugs in this competitive market.

Bayer needed business insights to support decisions of senior management and sales leadership with KPI’s to measure Managed Markets, sales forecasting and call detailing activity. Business analytics had to support a variety of brand and sales specific functions, with access limitations per role, so users would not be flooded by data and only see relevant insights. Data sources had to be integrated from more than a dozen sources to provide a unified, single version of the truth.

After a careful selection process, Bayer chose the Verix New Product Launch application to support the sensitive and complicated launch process of its new oncology products.

Verix worked with Bayer to address its manifold needs – KPIs, views, and correlations between various elements. With New Product Launch, it receives real-time monitoring of every aspect of the new drug’s introduction as well as how all components of the launch are influencing one another. Performance is constantly compared with benchmarks and goals such as prescription rates, new patient trends, and weekly or monthly growth.

Verix’s most unique advantage is its agility in implementing endless ongoing change requests within hours or days. This feature is included in TCO providing a huge advantage over Bayer’s previous platforms.

By using Verix’s analytical applications solution, Bayer’s launch of its new oncology drugs proved a remarkable success resulting in huge savings. Bayer now enjoys a single, effective solution across the entire organization.

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