The Next Inflection Point in Business Analytics

Doron Aspitz, the CEO of Verix, recently discussed the trend of the Next Inflection Point in Business Analytics in the July 2014 issue of CIO Review Magazine 2014. We are proud to share his insights with you. Read on to discover his insight on the Big Data trend.

The Next Inflection Point in Business Analytics

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Big Data is a big name, all too often baffling and misused, yet we can not ignore the fact that in recent years, business users are flooded with available data – more varied and more complex than ever before. This data incorporates a wealth of valuable business information, some obvious and some hidden in various inter-dependencies. Traditional analytical tools, from Data Mining, to Data Visualization, slice and dice this data to provide all sorts of reports. However, as fast and graphically appealing these reports have become, we see a growing chasm between the needs of business users, and the value delivered by these tools.

As a result of this ever-widening gap, only a fraction of potential business intelligence users in the enterprise, actually utilize BI solutions. Whether regarded too complex to use, or too vain to trust, the majority of would-be consumers for valuable business information, opt to stay away and leave it to “the experts”, the analysts. This dependency on analysts creates a taxing bottleneck that raises a key question in today’s business intelligence market: How could we connect more business users to the information cycle in a cost effective manner? In other words, how can we allow business users to benefit from valuable available data, by making it more accessible to the masses?

Read the full article – Big Data: Next Inflection Point in Business Analytics on page 43 of CIO Review Magazine.