Verix Business Analytics & Pharma Industry 2014 Year End Summary

Whew! It’s been a busy year at Verix. From physical expansion into new continents to technological expansion with new applications and cutting edge features, 2014 was a year of many important milestones.

Thanks to our great partners that keep encouraging innovation, to our customers that put their trust in the latest developments, and to each and everyone on our amazing team that keeps pushing the envelope of business analytics. You all helped making 2014 a remarkable year.

Here are some highlights and meaningful events from this eventful year.

Consumer Packaged Goods

In our Consumer Packaged Goods market, our popular In-Store-Insights suite of analytic applications, with the all-time favorite Out-Of-Stock, expanded across the globe into more retail chains and into the hands of more end-users.

From merchandizers on the floor to retail executives in the back office through third party providers in between, the Out-Of-Stock application that summarizes at a glance what used to take hours, even days of collecting and analyzing data, is gaining huge popularity. The easy-to-use interface makes it a no-brainer as a first stop to take the pulse of any brand.


In the Healthcare market, we’ve expanded our acclaimed Sales Force Effectiveness suite of analytic applications with a facelift to the user interface and more process-oriented capabilities tailored for the specific needs of Sales personnel in the Specialty Pharma and Medical Devices markets.

We connected it with our Patient Tracker application that gives Specialty Pharma sales reps the ability to monitor and optimize their work on the fine granularity of patient level, which is crucial in collaboration with long-term treatment providers. Our customers that deployed the Patient Tracker application reported an unprecedented fast ROI within weeks from deployment.

We’ve recently announced the Verix Analytical Story Generator, an amazing tool to create presentations and share analyses with the click of a button. The ability to annotate, drill down, and edit a story makes it an extraordinary enabler for collaboration between business managers.

A key guideline in our solution’s design is flexibility. Our architecture is designed to incorporate rapid, secure, and fault proof changes to any facet of your commercial operations –sales force, territories, payers, products, and data sources, to name some of the continuously changing inputs.

Change is inevitable and the last thing you want is an analytic solution that doesn’t reflect your latest and most up-to-date situation. One great example this year, to the value of agility, was our Pharma customer from New Jersey that wanted to switch their aggregated data provider from IMS to Symphony. While other analytic solutions talked about a months long project and down time that was out of the question for an operational system, Verix performed the port from IMS to SHS within a couple of weeks including bullet proof QA. It was heart warming to read the stream of accolades that landed in my inbox.

We’re in the midst of new cutting edge developments and are looking forward to continue and bring to the market place breakthrough innovation in complex data analytics.

Stay tuned for soon-to-come announcements on our latest and greatest applications.

Have a wonderful and prolific 2015!