Ensure strategy effectiveness across the organization

This user friendly dashboard is designed to provide a holistic view of your Consumer Health organization’s strategy effectiveness across various areas and roles.

It tracks and analyzes the strength and performance of your key geography and brand intersections, based on your strategic goals. It highlights your most important KPIs, picks out opportunities, and emphasizes essential insights and successful initiatives. This dashboard essentially provides a holistic performance view by integrating disparate commercial measures (such as Net Sales, Share of Market and Growth, etc.) and additional vital local insights.

As Consumer Health team’s strategy changes, the solution easily adapts to support it, by applying new measures and course correcting the focus of the team in this dynamic market space.

Use the Verix Brand Card, a perfect tool to create key charts and KPIs presentations, organized and clearly presented per Geography/Brand intersection and specific areas of focus.

Local and brand champions use the platform’s story telling capabilities to easily create their quarterly presentations to the executive team by capturing information and downloading it directly as a presentation that is shared by a click of a button. Champions can easily add commentary to the solution, using the platform’s advanced input and edit capabilities, that can help other consumers of these insights gain more clarity about specific trends or events that took place locally.

Our Consumer Health application combines the knowhow and best practices acquired in both our Healthcare and Consumer Packaged Goods marketplace Commercial Operations solutions, creating a robust solution ideal for the Consumer Health market.