The True Heroes of the Pharma Industry in 2014

On the 12th day of Christmas my true love sent to me:
2014 heroes of the Pharma Industry

For the last day of carol we would like to salute the heroes who made this year’s healthcare issues to be the center of attention world-wide. These are the people who made us realize both how fragile life is, and just how crucial the Pharma industry could be, in making this world a better place.

First, let us salute the brave doctors, men and women, fighting undauntedly with the Ebola virus in Africa. An inspiration to us all, these people, sometimes sacrificing their lives in the process, are doing this sacred, dangerous work, to make a change where it is most needed. You are our heroes, and this industry’s heroes, and we salute you.

Secondly, let us salute someone at the other side of this industry- the patient. For this Carol, we want to mention Robin Williams, who with his tragic death, has managed to raise incredible world-wide awareness of Lewy Body Dementia, and Depression disease at large. This burst of attention is now increasingly revealing these conditions not as a “state of mind”, but rather as a life threatening biological disorder.

You are our hero, and this industry’s hero, and we salute you.

To our heroes, who constitute a driving force for the Pharma Industry to work harder, better and collaboratively, every day, to change this world little by little.

And on that note, with a strong, positive look ahead, we would like to wish all of you, a merry, joyous, healthy Christmas.


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