Top 5 Digital Health & Pharma Articles to End a Great Week


As temperatures start to rise and we make way for summer holidays, digital health is heating up the pharma industry. From improved access to data to wearables and the consumerization of digital health, pharma is making waves that are sure to reach far and wide – eventually transforming patient health and disrupting healthcare in general. Let’s take a look at what digital health has been up to in the past week.

1. Why Digital Health Has Not (Yet) Transformed Pharmaceutical Drug Development

By David Shaywitz, published on Forbes

Digital Health Set to Transform Pharma – For the Better

Digital health technologies have already been incorporated into many aspects of health care, but not necessarily pharma. While the future looks very bright for pharma organizations that incorporate digital health into clinical drug development, two factors hold them back: the companies have traditionally been highly conservative and evidence base for digital health lacks serious clinic results. These aspects have prevented them from diving headlong into adopting digital ways; however, experts believe the hesitation isn’t warranted and that pharma should dive head first into adopting digital healthcare.

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2. Sculley: Digital Health is Poised for Breakthrough on the Scale of the PC

By Neil Versel, published on MedCity News

The Consumerization of Digital Health

The implications of digital health have the potential to transform society in the same way that the personal computer did years ago. Venture capitalist John Sculley makes the apt comparison for healthcare startups eager to exploit its opportunities. Similar opportunities exist today as they did in decades past for tech industry startups who latched onto the potential of personal computers’ explosion in functionality and practicality. With the commoditization of technology, cloud computer and affordable analytics, big changes in consumer digital health are on the way.

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3. Canaan Partners: Don’t Overlook Pharma Customers for Digital-Health Products

By Timothy Hay, published on Wall Street Journal

The Marriage of Digital Health and Pharma

While data is driving digital health, pharma is not to be counted out of the equation. Pharmaceutical companies need digital products for a variety of purposes: to drive advertisements on social media; to fill the role that pharmaceutical reps used to play in hospitals; and to accommodate the change to managed-care plans. Startups that fill this gap will position pharma organizations to offer improved treatment and care by modernizing their digital marketing plans.

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4. Pharma Moves Into Digital Health

By David Ormesher, published on MediaPost

Novartis and Qualcomm – Together They Are Better

Novartis’ recent acquisition of Qualcomm will deliver an explosion of accessibility amongst medical wearables, as Qualcomm’s coveted 2net device automatically pairs with dozens of topic consumer and medical devices. Delivering improved usability, especially for non-mobile-savvy users, and easy connectivity, Novartis is positioned to drive patient tracking in clinical trials, capturing timely and accurate data. Other partnerships haven’t reached this stage of open-ended investment in digital health, making this opportunity one for pharma to watch closely.

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5. Pharma’s Guide To Being ‘Smart’ About The Apple Watch

By Geoff McCleary, published on MediaPost

Pharma Prepares for Apple Watch

There are already 3,500 apps available for the Apple Watch, with many more being added daily. Pharma organizations can capitalize on the soon-to-be-released device by understanding the device’s functionality. Digital health trends are realized by wearables like the Apple Watch; however, notifications can overwhelm users. Savvy brands will use notifications wisely, as compared to “Glances,” which provide a more in-depth view of the user’s streams from apps like Twitter, data, etc. Passbook passes allow users to access pharmacy loyalty cards and medical information. The ways that the Apple Watch can transform digital health are limited only by the creativity of healthcare organizations that devise apps to enhance patient care and treatment.

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