Top 5 Big Pharma Articles of the Week

I think it was Hugh Jackman who once said: “To me, the smell of fresh-made coffee is one of the greatest inventions.” Be it hot cacao or hot coffee, in cold winter days, such as today, a hot beverage is just the right treat to review this week’s round up.

With 23andme getting blessed by big Pharma with a $50 million Genentech deal, the industry is back to business. It seems that despite setbacks from regulators, the ambitious genetic start up is attracting serious interest from heavy-hitters on the market.

This week’s compile is about 23andme’s new lifeline, big shifts in policy and technology marketers should worry about in 2015, Top Ten biotech industry trends to follow and Forbes Matthew Herper’s drug companies ranking.

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1. Five Big Shifts in Policy and Technology That Marketers Should Worry about in 2015

By Monique Levy, published on MM&M

Monique Levy states her concern about pharma changing much faster than marketers realize. If eighteen months ago, strategic meetings were about formularies and the emergence of ACO’s, it seems that today most companies don’t have enough bandwidth to put out day to day fires and adapt operations to shifting markets. Levy looks at major trends affecting physician workflow and prescribing behaviors.

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2. Top Ten Bioindustry Trends for 2015

By John Sterling, published on Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News

As the biotech industry enters a new year, the key trends to watch will be those involving the technologies and markets that are expected to grow quickly during 2015. They will be the important drivers of life science R&D and help move biotech into new areas. From a strictly monetary perspective, merger and acquisition activity will continue to constitute a financial and resource allocation trend critical to the growth of the bioindustry. Read on to discover how big data, biosimilars, nanomedicine, synthetic biology and more will impact the market.

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3. Grading Pharma In 2014: 17 Drug Companies Ranked

By Matthew Herper, published on Forbes

A bit like in high school, Matthew Herper ranks drug companies with market capitalization above $50 billion with letter grades from F to A+. From top of the class (Actavis) to “little last” (GSK), Herper gives his take on “buy, hold and sell’ using “yes, may be and no”.

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4. 23andMe Gets Thumbs Up from Big Pharma with $50 Million Genentech Deal

By James Vincent, published on The Verge

According to Forbes, the deal announced with Genentech points the way for 23andMe, the personal genetics company backed by Facebook billionaire Yuri Milner and Google Ventures to become a sustainable business. According to sources close to the deal, 23andMe is receiving an upfront payment from Genentech of $10 million, with further milestones of as much as $50 million. The deal is the first of ten 23andMe says it has signed with large pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Such deals, which make use of the database created by customers who have bought 23andMe’s DNA test kits and donated their genetic and health data for research, could be a far more significant opportunity than 23andMe’s primary business of selling the DNA kits to consumers. Read on to discover how the deal will potentially help fighting Parkinson’s disease.

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5. Closed Loop Marketing Done Right, Significantly Drives ROI

By Gili Keshet, published on Verix Blog

The truth is, marketing is challenging. The countless customer relationship managements systems available, not to mention the nearly limitless marketing channels, are all too often disconnected from the customer. Marketing activities that don’t take the customers’ pulse, don’t listen to their preferences (and probably more carefully to their aversions) frequently end up off the mark.

The secret to successful marketing is neither a tool nor a campaign; it’s an underlying strategy. In the Life Sciences market, your best bet for marketing strategy is based on Closed Loop Marketing (CLM).

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