Top 3 Essential Pharma Articles of the Week

The journey towards patient centricity has begun. The challenge now is to fully transition from the existing products and services model towards delivering patients’ wishes and developing the critical capabilities to make the shift:  A move, not that simple in both primary and specialty markets. This week, we take a look at what it takes to focus on and better understand the customer, stepping out of country boundaries to Japan (a market there is much to learn from) and into the future with a preview of the Forbes issue on Manhattan project.

Enjoy the top 3 pharma of the week! Happy reading!

1. The Journey Towards Patient Centricity

By Dierdre Coleman, published on EyeforPharma

Patient centricity is proving to be difficult. The barriers to overcome and the critical stages in the evolutionary journey from product-centric to patient-centric pharma organizations require rethinking the way business is done. In this 3 part series, Eyeforpharma’s Deirdre Coleman discusses with industry specialists the view on the matter.

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2. Customer Focus is the Key to Sales

By Nick de Cent, published on EyeforPharma

There are several key trends affecting pharma sales in Japan “forcing companies to be customer –focused”. Nick De Cent interviews Yutaka Okada from Shire and reviews what changing relationships with doctors, compliance issues and challenges around differentiating individual products can do to the market.

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3. Medicine’s Manhattan Project: Can The World’s Richest Doctor Fix Health Care?

By Matthew Herper, published on Forbes

Can the World’s richest doctor fix healthcare? There is no straightforward answer to that question. Still, the vision remains: 47 seconds. Forty Seven Seconds: the amount of time Patrick Soon-Shiong’s, medical Manhattan Project high-stake entrepreneur, promises it takes to complete genomics analysis, all the way to identifying the individual protein in someone’s body that’s amenable to drug treatment. 47 seconds versus the 11 weeks it now takes.

Forbes presents Patrick Soon-Shiong’s presciption for improving health care. For the hipster-superhero entrepreneur, it all boils down to a few technological concepts that are as simple to describe and as difficult to execute. How could it be put in practice? Check out how the doctor’s cloud will look like.

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Bonus Article:

The Changing Role of Account Managers in Specialty Pharma

By Greg Barlow, published on Verix Blog

Managed Markets Account Managers have been traditionally tasked with managing the payer end of pharma’s commercial business.  Yet, with more and more drugs being delivered via specialty pharmacies (SPs), many AMs have additional duties on their plates: ensuring the Rx are getting filled and reimbursed via the SPs. Why is this?

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