Top 10 Mistakes in Pharmaceutical Analytics

Sometimes in analytics, we take reporting so seriously that we get caught up in the minutia and fast pace of the job, missing the bigger picture that can provide capabilities to make everyone’s life easier. In the spirit of David Letterman’s Late Show, here – from the Verix home office – is the Top 10 list of ways to know your analytics may have gone astray.

10. Dust in the wind? After spending a lot of time creating and sending out weekly reports, why does nobody ever mention them?

9. Reports are so good that they capture every metric imaginable, but do they help anyone understand what is really important?

8. Your drug is successfully well past launch. Why are analysts still producing the weekly Launch Tracker report?

7. Those PDF reports print perfectly, great for the reps to throw in their briefcase – but who cares in the age of the iPad?

6. Syndicated data providers love you because you buy so much data. Are you actually benefiting from that massive amount of information?

5. Show me the money! How come IC reports don’t match the Sales report? Where did the money go?

4. So much for planning: after months of implementing your rigidly designed analytics infrastructure and reports to support “the plan,” the strategy has changed.

3. Insist on sticking with Excel as the only “go-to” reporting mechanism. Is your team composed of firefighters or analysts?

2. Reports reflect yesterday’s reality. Or is it yesteryear?

1. When you hear “self-analysis,” you think of the therapist’s couch.

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