Thoughts of Winter In This Stormy Pharma Weather


It’s starting to get cold.

The air has that fresh smell to it and the leaves are already colored in different shades of red and yellow by now.

Holidays are nearing, the end of the year is coming soon, and thoughts of conclusions are beginning to emerge.

There’s that feeling – that slight dread of the coming new year, the pondering of what the next year is going to look like; how many drug launches? What new FDA restrictions and healthcare hurdles are expected, and the heaviest of them all – how to keep up with the increasing competition and get ahead in today’s Pharma landscape.

But, one thing is clear.

Today, it no longer matters how big you are, how much data you gather, how much funding you have, or even how good your product is.

At the end of the day, you will only thrive if you are quick, agile and flexible enough to adjust to constant ongoing changes in politics, government restrictions, developing technology and market dynamics.

More, in this case, might be less.

Although it’s still true that knowledge is power, collecting more and more data doesn’t necessarily lead to relevant insights.

Today, it is smart Pharma analytics that can provide the insights you need to help you deliver:

  • Actionable relevant info to your reps quickly and accurately.
  • Optimized formulary positions with effective pull through.
  • Better physician adoption of new products.
  • Mitigated threat of new competitors with key physicians.
  • Improved brand performance by better aligning Sales, Marketing, and Managed Markets.
  • Minimized impact of field disruption due to restructuring, merger, co-promotion, etc..

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Because, no matter if it’s East or West Coast winter, north or south, European or American, no matter how cold, no matter how stormy it is outside – when you have the right blanket, you’ll be warm and cozy.

Companies may rise and fall, clinical trials may shorten and the market shifts may be unexpected, but when you adopt the right tools to analyze the landscape, however stormy, you will remain relevant and ahead of your competition.

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Data analytics today is your blanket from the storm in the Pharma industry.

It is getting increasingly clear that the only way to successfully launch new products and stay ahead of the competition is by leveraging the data available on patient adherence, healthcare providers, physicians’ prescriptive behaviors and market dynamics; not to mention, get fast, precise, up-to-date insights on how to react to daily market challenges.

Because, when you’re covered with the right analytics, rest assured, this storm too shall pass, with you still standing at the end of it.