The Thanksgiving Recipe for Avoiding Pharma Analytics Indigestion

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Have you ever read the book “French Women Don’t Get Fat” by Mireille Guiliano? This stylish and funny recipe cookbook gives you the ultimate guidelines for non-dieting. In her amusing way, the author explains how good, fresh ingredients, handpicked at the market, make you salivate and ultimately eat better and less. As a way of comparison, data can be sometimes just as messy as junk food but good ingredients can be to a good meal what good data analytics are to good business operations.

Setting up the right Pharma analytics solution may sometimes sound as simple as buying a reporting tool, but experience can dictate the difference between a quality set of impactful, widely used analytics or an expensive set of reports that do not drive sales.

Prepping for your thanksgiving dinner, there might be a few things you want to avoid or improve:

  1. Gluttony.
    Thanksgiving is a day literally dedicated to eating and being thankful for things such as food. Don’t overload. Eat. Eat well. Eat slowly. Same with your information: avoid too many metrics, hard to read reports, reports disparate or not integrated. Don’t get a data indigestion. Sometimes you can do more with less and feel much better.
  2. Get a whole new understanding of food, drink, and life.
    The key? Not guilt or deprivation but learning to get the most from the things you most enjoy. You do not want your reports not to be in sync with reality: bad data, incorrect calculations, data territory alignments. Allow for simple self-analysis: put the power in hands of users, starting with simple sorting and filtering and advancing proactive alerts. Share what best life has to offer.
  3. Timing is everything.
    Not two thanksgivings are exactly the same. Use an interactive menu planning tool such as the one on epicurious. Allow for the side dishes and dough to be ready ahead of time, take diet plans in consideration, decide how traditional you want your meal to be etc. And in data… if you are going to miss the usual delivery time of your reports, send a timely message out or prepare for an overload of emails and phone calls.
  4. Savor and enjoy the pleasure of food.
    As Guiliano said: The right apple makes a big difference and the way you dress your table will make an impression. A pretty pumpkin vase, gorgeous welcome place cards are just simple ways to create a beautiful thanksgiving table. With your data, use visualization. Graphs and charts make it easy to understand trends – a picture is worth a thousand words.
  5. Picky eaters.
    Don’t try to please everyone. Not everyone’s favorite metric can be included. Go with a little variety of dishes, don’t waste. In data, always make sure your reports are needed and utilized.

And last, but not least. Thanksgiving. The signature holiday for family, football, food and gratefulness is a wonderful occasion to recognize the good and say thanks.

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