The new AI-driven approach to Targeting and Segmentation

Verix’s decision engine includes a landscape monitor that presents the status of each brand within its market

Out of 10,000 HCPs in your therapeutic universe, who is likely to try for the first time, to
prescribe more, or to churn your brand in the next 3 months? Answering these questions
and gaining a better understanding of the dynamic HCP landscape, are top priorities for
brand managers and decision-makers, in order to enhance growth and prevent decline in
sales. The ability to accurately predict HCP and even patient behavior, helps planning a
winning, actionable brand strategy that leverages opportunities and minimizes unnecessary

Current traditional segmentation methods, often prepared by third parties, provide a static,
ad-hoc, and relatively simple analysis of the complex pharma market. These methods are
usually focused on single-dimensional measurements such as HCP size or number of patients
and don’t keep up with the rapidly changing market. Therefore, the target lists they
generate quickly lose relevancy and don’t really provide the brand and sales teams a
thorough understanding of the market, so they may miss valuable opportunities for growth
and churn prevention.

Pharma brands are starting to realize that outsourcing this essential task is not only costly
and time-consuming, but also directly affects their commercial success. Target lists may vary
by 15-20% each month; hence, companies cannot rely on a simple and outdated analysis or
settle for lists that are generated only twice a year.

So, what’s the alternative? How can you optimize commercial operations’ success by smartly
segmenting your therapeutic universe and creating the right target lists for your business,
based on real-time data?

Progress to an AI-driven targeting and segmentation method for better business results

There’s no doubt that a better solution is needed for commercial operation strategy
planning and execution in general, and for targeting and segmentation in particular. Limited
methods and tools may lead to high financial expenses and sub-optimal business results.
This is exactly where technology kicks in; Incorporating Artificial Intelligence in pharma
commercial organizations, streamlines brand and marketing decision making, minimizes risk
and waste of resources, and helps plan and execute a better, more accurate, data-driven
strategy, which drives brand success.

Utilizing its vast experience in the pharma market for over 10 years, Verix offers a new
science-driven approach and technological platform for targeting and segmentation.
Tovana, Verix’s advanced and innovative SaaS solution, enables accurate prediction of HCPs and
patients’ behavior, fine-grain segmentation of HCPs based on advanced scoring capabilities,
and pinpointing opportunities and risks in an explainable way within a few button clicks.
This technology combines AI and ML models, real-time data, multi-dimensional
segmentation, and predictive scoring in a single user-friendly platform.


How it works?

Tovana offers a top-notch AI/ML-driven platform with advanced predictive capabilities and a
user-friendly interface to plan and execute tactics and automate business processes, that

Thorough science-driven HCP landscape analysis

Understand the highest potential business opportunities and risks throughout the entire HCP
journey with a macro view of your therapeutic universe that guides you where you need to
focus. Reveal the current and predictive propensity to buy or to churn trends, generate
relevant target lists that correspond to market changes and plan your next best action
Answer questions such as:

  • Which prescribers are most likely to switch from my drug to my competitor’s drug in
    the next 3 months?
  • How my new competitor will affect the churn rate of my continuous writers?
  • Which new prescribers are more likely to turn into continuous writers and how should I target them to increase chances of becoming loyalists?
  • On which HCPs should I focus to derive the highest business impact?

Based on the trends in your data, the predictive model recommendations and your specific
business questions you can easily micro-segment your audience and address them with the
right message to increase acquisition and loyalty and decrease churn.

Tovana platform
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Multi-dimensional segmentation

By combining predictive models, explanatory features and relevant data attributes which
characterize HCPs of strategic interest, the multi-dimensional segmentation easily turns
potential audience into a campaign-specific target list. Create fine-grain target groups based
on multiple patients, HCP, market, and therapeutic attributes with a high predictability score
that are most likely to affect your business results.

Let’s assume you are promoting a lung cancer treatment that unlike your competitor’s
treatment, doesn’t cause harsh digestive side effects. Leverage this advantage and create a
focused target list of HCPs with patients that have digestive side effects and may be
interested in your treatment. Generate the list based on a specific business question that
combines three key attributes such as the following: “Which HCPs prescribed my
competitor’s drug to at least 6 lung cancer patients in the last 12 months AND at least 3
patients experienced harsh digestive side effects AND demonstrated low satisfaction with
the competitor’s treatment in the last 3 months”? This multi-dimensional analysis enables a
detailed division of HCPs according to the required parameters into clusters.

The focused target list is generated based on the defined criteria and filters, and ready to be
addressed with a tailored message that considers the exact HCP and patient’s needs.

Accurate, dynamic and accessible on-demand target lists

Despite its immense importance, companies usually generate a target list once per 6 months
due to a costly, time-consuming process. These lists do not yield optimal business results
because they miss emerging opportunities, market dynamics and such.

Tovana enables an ongoing, automated, and self-learning process that relies on real-time
and relevant data that delivers accurate insights. The platform empowers pharma brand
managers and data users to be proactive and to identify new markets as they emerge,
course-correct their actions once they don’t serve them, and allocate resources to the right
audience, in the right channels and at the right time. Generating dedicated lists for every
campaign and updating them constantly, will help you gain a competitive advantage, seize
opportunities, and minimize risk.

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