The Miss Universe Mishap – How Can Pharma Pick the Right Person?

The excitement of Live TV was evident this week when over 10 million fans voted for Miss Universe. But, sometimes, a live telecast means that human error can come into play and this is why poor Steve Harvey ended up crowning Miss Colombia instead of Miss Philippines.

How could Harvey generate, in a just a few seconds, what turned out to be one of the weirdest viral events of 2015 – leaving the public confused and two gorgeous, young ladies holding their breath for what seemed to be a lifetime to them?

Harvey read the results from a cue card that was designed ahead of time – but his cue card was a mess. Unfortunately, the card was not designed for readability in mind.

In analytics terms, the card lacked good visualization and, as we all know, with poor visualization, usually come bad decisions or bad mistakes, like picking the wrong person. But, is it only about visualization?

Applied to the world of big data and commercial operations, an analytical story, even when clearly and colorfully presented, is only as good as the data it interprets. Leaving factors out might lead to a skewed view of affairs and result in poor insights.

To the aid of business managers come commercial analytics solutions that help collect, present and analyze all the data that matters to their business.

For commercial operations teams to drive sales force effectiveness, they need to help sales reps better prepare for their sales call and provide improved tools. With the right planning and information, companies can empower their reps, increasing the chances of a successful sales call with every visit, targeting the right physicians.

Pharma sales reps are always seeking the right targets and their tools may not be any better than what Steve Harvey had!

While target physicians may not be as beautiful as Miss Columbia, reps still need to be focused on picking the right physician. Their mishap may not be as embarrassing as Steve Harvey’s, but the missed opportunity of picking the right target physician could be equally as painful as crowning the wrong queen.