The Industry’s Top Stories on Futuristic Pharma

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Futuristic Pharma, in some cases, is right at your doorstep. The possibilities for technologies, trends and solutions are endless, spreading like wildfire across the pharma landscape. While some changes are decades away, others are on the brink of becoming a reality. From 3-D printers in your kitchen to the role doctor’s will play in transforming healthcare and using diamonds as part of a drug’s formulation to big data, these trends continue to play a significant role in pharma today – and in the near future.

1. Why 3D Printing has ‘Tremendous Potential’ for Big Pharma

By Christina Farr, published on KQED Science

The future is now

Who would’ve thought that pharma could use 3-D printers to manufacture pills? The FDA recently gave first-time approval to Aprecia Pharmaceuticals to develop a seizure-control pill that manages epilepsy, and the drug will arrive on the market in early 2016. One of the advantages of this manufacturing method is that the company can generate a concentrated pill, allowing patients a high-strength dose in a single serving. Eventually, we may see pharmacists printing pills and even patients using the technology at home.

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2. 5 Emerging Technologies Every Hospital Will Have By 2025

By Pragati Verma, published on Forbes

Will you recognize the doctor’s office of the future?

Few trends are set to accelerate and transform the healthcare space; connected medical devices, quantified health metrics, 3-D bioprinting, doctors on call (or telemedicine) and sharable health records on the go. Technological shifts like these will completely transform the patient-doctor interaction, and give pharma companies the chance to optimize data from connected devices and cloud computing that will set the stage for decades to come.

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3. Digital Health: Moving Toward a Healthcare Revolution

By Ryan Beckland, published on mHealthNews

You say we want a revolution…we all want to change the world

The Beatles said it first, but they aren’t the last. The healthcare revolution is being powered by digital healthcare, and it’s going to change the world as we know it. Today, 75 percent of adults are using some kind of fitness tracker. In the future, patients will be hyper-connected to devices across networks that will collect an enormous amount of data. New clinical and wearable devices are popping up every day, and the market is becoming commoditized, meaning the devices are much more affordable. With better access to the data, these digital trends mean physicians can leverage patient-generated data to greatly improved care.

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4. Medicine Is Going Through A Revolution – With Doctors’ Help

By Dave Chase, published on Forbes

The big players in the industry’s shift

No more status quo for healthcare. In this initial stage of transformation powered by technology shifts, healthcare can only truly morph into a full-blown revolution if clinicians and patients get on the same page and partner up. Physicians, in particular, play a vital role in driving healthcare into the next stratosphere. Perhaps because of –instead of in spite of – the high rate of doctor dissatisfaction, physicians are also set to drive the change alongside the evolution of technology.

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5. Diamond’s Benefits Touted in Pharma’s Future Security Concerns

By Matthew Anderson, published on PMPNews

Diamonds are everyone’s best friend

Counterfeit drugs are a huge problem and increasing with time. Standard drug authentication strategies are easy to replicate and unable to track both product and package. What’s intriquing is that the diamond is set to change all of that. As part of the drug formulation, diamonds emit unique signatures that are impossible to replicate. So in the future, you may not just be wearing diamonds; you may be ingesting them too.

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