Taking Pharma to the Future with Out-Of-The-Box Collaborations

A New Blog-Post Series on Important Collaborations in Pharma

The Pharma industry today is coping with its biggest challenges yet, mainly originating from the prospects new technology brings with it; on the one hand Big Data, self-diagnostic technologies, and the consequent data democratization potential, and on the other, government’s new requirements and restrictions on the use of patient data and healthcare standards. Under these circumstances it seems almost impossible to predict who’s going to profit from these changes, and who’s about to fall behind.

And yet, there is one element that seems to rise above as a prominent factor in the changing landscape of the pharma industry, and that’s the emerging out-of-the-box collaborations between traditionally segregated sections of the industry, and outside it-

Out-of-the-box Collaborations

As different experts have indicated before, the Pharma leaders of tomorrow are the ones actively trying to think out-of-the-box in terms of cross-sectional communications, and inter-department collaborations. That’s why we decided to post a 3-chapter blog post series, to discuss in length the potential of collaborative initiatives in Pharma, focusing mainly on three topics:

  1. Pharma Collaboration in Micro: an inter-department collaboration between brands & sales; its necessity, difficulties and potential value in increasing commercial operations’ effectiveness.
  2. Pharma Collaboration: the emerging new relationship between Pharma and the Patient; its potential implications on the industry’s traditional data analytics methodologies, as well as on the patient’s healthcare.
  3. Pharma Collaboration in Macro: the potentially fruitful results of an open innovation and collaboration model between industries, specifically High Tech and Pharma.

By adopting our information age’s trend to post, share and create a buzz- the pharma industry could take a huge step into innovation and success. There’s no doubt outdated traditional strategies in pharma need to make room for a re-thinking of the concept of healthcare providers, of the limits of the industry, and of organizational cross-department communication.

In other words, Pharma leaders – wake up and smell the coffee – if you don’t lead your company into the new era of openness and collaboration, you are going to be led, and most probably not on your terms.

So, stay tuned for our next posts to find out what the future has stored for the Pharma industry.