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An Interview with Andy Walter

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"6-8 weeks to have a solution running, creating value right away through helping the sales force, helping the business process, and drive the end business results." Andy Walter, former IT VP at Procter & Gamble, speaks about how Verix…

Can You Build an Analytic Solution with Lego Blocks?

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Absurd? Not necessarily. We presented this challenge to the audience at our PharmaForce 2017 Round Table session, which by and large was crowned “the best roundtable ever”. Well, even if you don’t end up building your entire solution…

Verix Sponsors PharmaForce 2017

Verix is a proud sponsor of Pharmaforce 2017 that will be held in Austin, Texas on 18-20 September 2017. Please join us at our sessions. We’re excited to have Andy Walter join us this year for an Innovation Spotlight about driving…