Unleashing the power of AI/ML by upskilling business users

The emerging role of citizen data scientist in Pharma Commercial Operations.   Pharma and biotech companies, especially those introducing first-in-class Specialty & Oncology drugs, with added complexity such as novel mechanisms…
Failure blog post

Why are so many AI projects doomed for failure?

The elephant in the room is actually human By Shahar Cohen, PhD, Head of Verix AI Lab.   One of my first data science projects sought to improve the targeting process of a sales organization. Before we came in, sales reps were expected…

How to Ride the Data Wave When Launching a New Drug

Some experts say that 50% of drug launches fail. Others say it’s as high as 90%. From my perspective, judging launches in such black-and-white terms isn’t particularly useful. Instead, I look at the market performance of a new drug…

The Thanksgiving Recipe for Avoiding Pharma Analytics Indigestion

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Have you ever read the book "French Women Don’t Get Fat" by Mireille Guiliano? This stylish and funny recipe cookbook gives you the ultimate guidelines for non-dieting. In her amusing way, the author explains how good, fresh ingredients, handpicked…

15 Fatal Errors in Pharma Analytics

Data is critical to any business operation. It provides the information that enables the commercial operations team to make informed business decisions. Setting up pharma analytics may sound as simple as buying a reporting a tool, but experience…