Successful Execution of Physician Segmentation: Setting the Sales Force up for Success


Proper segmentation – and physician attribution to segments – can help your Pharma organization win the war against poor or unwieldy data. Pharma organizations can successfully execute a physician segmentation strategy only when a strong analytics solution drives the effort. This “segmentation attack plan” makes all the difference for your sales effectiveness. You wouldn’t send your troops to battle without effective intelligence, so why use an ineffective data analytics solution?

In the Pharma race to succeed, sales force performance dictates its success or failure. If you don’t provide your sales team with precise data, it can’t deliver on your battle strategy. Essentially, they’re doomed to failure once they get into combat. While your sales superstars may excel in spite of poor analytics, the rest of the team depends on it for survival. The core of your sales strategy is built on physician segmentation, as well as the accuracy of attributing physicians to the right segment.

Easier said than done. Many more attempts have failed than succeeded. Pharma commercial operations and brand marketing are familiar with the struggle of developing segmentation approaches that are practical. How can you put physicians in the right segment (attribution)? Will the sales force be able to act on the segments? Can I monitor performance? These are critical questions, and marketing and sales teams need definitive answers to drive revenue, quickly seize market opportunities, and adjust to emerging market dynamics.

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