Stay Tuned: Verix to Release a New, Complete Guide on How to Succeed in Specialty Pharma

Specialty Pharma is evolving at a fast rate even with a focus on niche populations. The market is expected to grow by 67% in 2015 and more than quadruple by 2020. In 2012, spending on specialty drugs was approximately $87 billion, comprising a quarter of total drug spending. By 2018, specialty drugs are anticipated to constitute nearly half of the top 100 selling medications on the market.

The big perplexity this book unravels is how to succeed in Specialty Pharma. The book addresses the complexities, challenges, trends and drivers of Specialty Pharma, while showcasing the cutting edge analytic tools your company will need in order to win market share.

Why You Should Get a Copy of Moving to Specialty Pharma: How You Can Succeed:

If your company is moving in the direction of specialty Pharma, this book will help you put direct emphasis on what your commercial operations department needs to know.

Get in-depth analysis on:

  • Trends and drivers of specialty Pharma. Detailed analysis of blockbuster patent cliffs, lack of pipeline, premium prices for specialty drugs, and FDA approval rates for specialty drugs.
  • Why mastering oncology drug sales is a must. Due to high mortality rates and the continuous changing course of cancer, oncology drugs are amongst the top three specialty drugs today with an annual $100 billion estimate.
  • Troubleshooting unique specialty Pharma challenges. Complex specialty Pharma challenges are discussed, including reimbursements for healthcare providers who purchase expensive specialty drugs (such as oncology treatments), and the recent healthcare reform and how it affects specialty drugs.
  • Mastering specialty drugs. To have a competitive edge, your company will need to rethink its marketing and sales model and make the right commercial operations transition into specialty Pharma.
  • Implementing specialty Pharma analytics and making sense of data. Pharmaceutical companies have access to rich datasets that may not be typically available through the traditional syndicated data providers. This granular data can help everyone in the organization execute the commercial strategy that supports growth in specialty market. The book provides information on analytical tools that can leverage your data into marketing flexibilities while transitioning to specialty Pharma.

Get this book to unlock your potential in the specialty Pharma market and define the trajectory of your specialty Pharma success story.