Stay Tuned: Verix to Release a New, Complete Guide for Mastering Drug Launch

Sometimes it is easier to fail than to pull through and succeed. As much as this sounds discouraging, it could actually serve as a sign for the drug industry, that a shift of approach is needed when it comes to establishing the guidelines for a successful drug launch. Indeed, this should be a call for a change of attitudes towards a data-driven approach to the current brutal competition between new drugs on the market.

Understanding Current Challenges

In order to better understand the challenges and difficulties involved in managing a successful drug launch, pharmaceutical companies not only have to be aware and informed of current trends, but really master the drug launch as a unique and dedicated area of expertise.

Adopting New Hybrid Strategies

That’s why it is crucial to educate ourselves with the latest practices and techniques available to make a product stand out from its competitors. A single strategy no longer suffices in giving your product the advantage it needs; you have to obtain a cross-disciplinary approach to bring efforts from different departments together, creating a dedicated factory to be producing only that- drug launches.

Verix Makes You an Expert

For these purposes, Verix has developed a step-by-step “tutorial” to help you become an expert in drug launches, giving you that edge to make your product stand out: Know your product; know your customers; get familiar with more launch types other than blockbuster; learn how to leverage your data into marketing flexibilities; build your own little “launch factory”, and so much more.

Don’t Miss Out

Don’t just aim to keep your head above water in the competitive drug industry today- aspire to become an expert in drug launch, and ensure a secure pull-through of your product, with Verix’s newly released ebook “Data & Creativity: A Complete Guide to Mastering Drug Launches: “.

The guide is to be released on December 11th.
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