Cut Through the Clutter To Make A Real Impact

We believe the best way to draw clear, valuable insight from your data is by presenting role-specific views with analytics only relevant to your business role’s needs. Slicing your view of the organization by function allows every role to connect the data they need to achieve accurate solutions for real business problems fast, and make decisions while there is still time to make an impact.

Verix’s proprietary analytic applications are designed around critical business processes in Commercial Operations, to analyze and present data for specific business roles, allowing users to capitalize on available data and quickly make the most effective decisions.

We applied our in-depth domain expertise to develop algorithms that include all, and nothing but, the most vital, relevant information for each role in the organization –
Field personnel can narrowly focus on accounts they are calling on; managers can track performance at various levels; brand managers can measure, monitor and adjust their campaigns according to the latest data; executives can quickly turn their high-level data into presentations; and analysts can finally see the big picture and create accurate forecasts.

Because the more your analytics are focused on your needs, the better they can serve you to get a clear insight into your business.