Reflections on 2021


By Doron Aspitz, Verix CEO


After 2020 put a halt on the world as we’ve grown to know it and created a whole ‘New Norm’ of remoteness and uncertainty, we started 2021 with careful optimism. We received two shots of COVID vaccine and felt that a bright turn of events finally comes to replace the long period of quarantines and isolation that kept us apart from family, friends, and colleagues. A big chapeau and appreciation to the pharmaceutical industry and FDA teams for a bang up job working relentlessly to bring this relief to our lives sooner rather than later.

At Verix, we started the year with enthusiasm tainted by some concerns about our latest AI/ML innovation – Tovana. We were enthusiastic about the amazing capabilities Tovana adds to our tried and true analytic platform, but couldn’t hide our concerns, introducing such a powerful decision engine into the uncertainty of the New Norm. Will people be ready at such times to change their current methodologies and try this new, promising platform that pushes them towards self-reliance and science-based forecasting and prediction algorithms?

As the year progressed, the Tovana innovation started to evolve and expand in many exciting directions, fending off the initial concerns. We are standing here at the end of the year with a great sense of achievement. Today, top pharmaceutical companies in the US are using Tovana to accelerate their brand growth. From the one initial use-case we started with, we’ve expanded to three well established use-cases in full production and the fourth is on its way. From one biotechnology therapeutic brand we’re now at over a dozen therapeutic brands and one device brand. I am extremely proud to be part of the amazing Verix team that worked relentlessly despite all difficulties of the surrounding conditions and hardships, to give rise to this unique, outstanding life science commercial solution. As we are on the brink of a new year, this year’s accomplishments fill us with energy and a sense of mission to continue this breakthrough and further accelerate the pace of innovation.


Happy holidays and wonderful new year!




Join us at the PMSA winter symposium, January 14th at the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, to hear our partner Novartis sharing experiences of their Verix Tovana implementation along with a hands-on workshop.