Reflections on Bayer’s 2014 Plan of Action Event

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Last week was a truly invigorating experience. Along with Doron Aspitz, Verix’s CEO and Yaron Makleff, Director of Services, I attended Bayer’s annual POA (Plan of Action) event at the Rosen Shingle Creek hotel in Orlando, FL. Bayer’s annual POA, is their primary commercial operations event.

Home Office, Sales, Brand management, and Managed Markets teams get together to learn, update, and share insights on tools, technologies, and best practices. This year, with Obamacare kicking in, everything related to Managed Markets got extra attention. Verix’s Managed Markets and Pull Through campaign planning applications enjoyed a lot of airtime.

Although it’s an internal Bayer event, with Verix’s solutions being deeply entrenched in Bayer’s commercial operations, we were invited to participate. We introduced enhancements and new features to the various groups that are already using Verix and are eager to get even more functionality, presented our solutions to new groups, and participated in innovation brainstorm sessions.

It was heartwarming to hear the excited feedback from our old time users. Some groups at Bayer have been using Verix for three years now, and keep praising the solution for its clear value-add in saving time and money and boosting their level of work by freeing users from the mundane work of scrutinizing data, and taking them straight to the strategic level of educated decision making. Verix’s analytical applications are used at Bayer by Sales managers, mainly at the national and regional levels, by Reps in the field, and by Managed Markets managers. The Reps in the field are especially excited about our iPad solution, which is a fully functional mobile system and not just a mobile window to our application.

Sales groups have been moving to the Verix solution after using Veeva online, which is merely a CRM tool and as such, rather limited in search dimensions such as history. Verix on the other hand, enables users to see both calls and sales history on one single dashboard, along with patient enrollment and prescribers certification. This comprehensive view provides all the information they need on one single screen, making their work an order of magnitude more efficient.

HotSpots are gaining momentum and were the gist of the innovation brainstorm sessions. On top of Verix’s 360° views, HotSpots highlight important insights that help users focus on the pertinent issues that really matter to the business.

Verix’s Professional Services team works really hard to make a difference for our customers. It is uplifting to join an event like that and realize first hand how well appreciated our efforts are, and even more so, how heavily used our solutions are. After all, high utilization is the best stamp of approval for a product.