Commercial Performance Optimization for Life Sciences

Verix Limelight™️ harnesses the power of data science and advanced analytics to drive performance across commercial organization’s business processes. Through analysis of a wide variety of data with embedded business logic, Limelight powers your business decisions in a continuous and consistent manner.

Verix Limelight offers pre-packaged use cases for life sciences commercial operations – sales, managed access and marketing professionals, to automate and optimize day to day processes. Limelight’s use cases are implemented on top of Verix’s robust Data Intelligence Foundation, a ML enabled commercial DataMart that holds hundreds of historical, factual, and predictive attributes about every HCP/account in your therapeutic universe.

Verix’s products are designed with principles of agility and scalability to allow for rapid, dynamic changes and continuous growth. Our products provide a robust foundation for Life Sciences business teams to optimally leverage the company’s customer data to scientifically execute the company’s strategies.

The core of Verix Limelight is a strong analytics layer, including a proprietary SQL-based engine that enables sophisticated data analysis to be configured and run by data-savvy users on any available data. The analytics layer helps data scientists explore and manipulate data and build new AI models and algorithms. In addition, it serves Limelight’s re-packaged robust use cases via a powerful API.