Procter & Gamble Partners with Verix to Put the Intelligence back into Business Intelligence

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Today is an exciting day at Verix. Over the last few years, we focused on making life sciences commercial operations more effective, by providing unique insights on the issues that matter. Today, as Procter and Gamble announced its strategic partnership with Verix, we are focusing attention into a new vertical – the consumer packaged goods (CPG) and retail market.

After a year of intensive teamwork between Verix and P&G, we have developed in-depth CPG domain expertise and meticulously crafted our new offering to address the specific needs of commercial operations in this market space.  Today, we officially introduce our game changing CPG business analytics solution.  With that, we aim to repeat our success in the life sciences industry, where some of the largest companies are already benefiting from Verix’s innovative solution, utilizing our easy-to-use analytical apps that leverage data to improve decision-making and significantly increase ROI.

We see history in the making and are proud to be a part of it. Since the late ‘80s, Procter and Gamble has been a pioneer in data warehousing and decision support automation, and an innovator leveraging data to enhance decision making ensuring tremendous market success. As one of the first companies to enable business intelligence, P&G became a market leader by continuously applying technology to business and pushing the envelope of innovation.  P&G was both an early adopter and investor in such cutting edge technologies as Cognos, for example.  P&G’s partnership with Verix is the latest milestone in the evolution of business analytics technology.

P&G integrated Verix’s patented HotSpots technology, branded by P&G as Intelligent Business Alerts (IBA), into its analytical process; to enable a new way of knowledge based management – management by exception.  Verix’s HotSpots, or IBAs, are the bedrock of our solution.  We embed HotSpots in our analytical apps to quickly pinpoint issues that matter most to the business.

In business analytics, there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all.  Every market has specific needs and constraints.  A key ingredient to a successful business analytics solution is in-depth domain expertise that lies at the heart of the design, and not as a mere front end to a general-purpose platform.

Our inaugural product, Verix for Life Sciences, stems from years of developing and embedding extensive domain expertise.  Teaming with P&G we leveraged our commercial operations proficiency and developed in-depth knowledge of the CPG market, creating a feature rich library of CPG specific apps that address the explicit needs of this market.  The result is an amazing business analytics solution that enables relevancy of information and drives better decision-making, resulting in incredible ROI.  With this powerful product and strong testimonial to our innovation and commitment to customer success, I’m excited to begin our next chapter and am proud of each and every one of our dedicated Verix team that worked relentlessly to make this happen.