Guy Peri, IT Executive Director of Global Business Services at CPG giant Procter & Gamble, sat down with us to talk about the value-add that Verix business analytics and insights brought to P&G’s business.

Peri discusses how challenging it can be to gain relevant insights into the business. Verix’s management-by-exception, however, gave P&G a significant business edge, allowing them to focus directly on the key points to improve commercial operations. Furthermore, intelligent business alerts offer a radically different approach to the way the company views and reports data by utilizing historical patterns to uncover events that are outside the norm.

“Verix is business outcome focused, agile, and passionate about driving tangible value for their customers through leverage of their Verix BI analytic platform. P&G is realizing significant value from our Verix implementation.”

Peri highlights some of the strategic benefits of the Verix solution:

  • Using Big Data to identify what makes the business hum
  • Laser focus on key insights to manage by exception
  • Predictive analytics to direct the business in the right direction
  • Real business value in as little as 4-6 weeks

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