PMSA 2014 Conference – Verix is All the Buzz


It was a great show for Verix at the PMSA 2014 Conference in Orlando, Florida, as 300+ influential minds from the pharmaceutical commercial operations industry such as Pfizer, Eli Lilly & Company, Bayer, and Janssen Pharmaceutical, Inc. came together to focus on how to utilize data to create a better future.

The Hyatt Grand Cyprus Resort was charged with energy as attendees discovered the hottest trends in health care reform and best-kept secrets on how analytics can keep you ahead of the game.

As a Gold Sponsor at the PMSA Conference, Verix had a massive presence holding the hot-spot booth in the event’s prime location. The Conference Welcome Address also boasted Verix’s promotional video, presented by Jason Carlin, Past President and Deputy Director of Bayer Pharmaceuticals. Jason continued on to present Verix as a sponsor leading into the introduction of Cynthia Dilley, newly nominated President of PMSA.

Advertisement of Verix was so successful that several event attendees stated that “Verix was everywhere”. As the PMSA 2014 Conference focused on the shift of the analytics paradigm, preparing for the analytics of tomorrow from EHR to big data to proactive analytics, great information was collected from the conference with insightful tips from Pharma top influencers. Most of all, the conference was a wonderful opportunity to listen to some of our clients presenting burning industry topics in the main conference hall or just chill out around the pool while our infotainer “sliced and diced” with magic.