Pharma Lead & Learn – An Interview with Cindie Dilley, PMSA President

Patent expiries, generic inroads, changing customer behaviors, tight regulations, eHealthcare and traditional R&D – these trends have raised the bar and introduced new challenges for the Pharma industry and its commanding teams.

Pharmaceutical leadership is largely about identifying opportunities to more effectively influence stakeholders (payers, patients and providers), but mainly the capacity to adapt and rethink business models timely. In such a context, knowledge and experience of pharma thought leaders are instrumental to paving the way to success. Additionally, with 2014 just as equally challenging and competitive as 2013, Pharma commercial experts have much to learn.

This week we have had the opportunity to interview Cindie Dilley, President of PMSA. Dilley is an authority on trends in Pharma analytics and a recognized figure in her field. We discussed her views on Pharma most critical topics: What are the challenges faced by the industry? Who are the influencers paving the way? What are some of the game-changing strategies in data analytics? Why should data scientists feel like “Kings of the World with great responsibilities”?

Download this in depth interview to discover the latest trends and what it takes to become a leader in Pharma analytics.

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