Pharma Goes Digital – 5 Top Digital Pharma Stories of the Week

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My team and I hold a press review on leading articles published weekly on the topic of Pharma and Big Data for our curation column. Every week, we raise the same questions… “So what’s hot and what’s new?”, “Who is the buzz winner on social media?”, “Who tweeted what?”, “What got mostly promoted?”, “Which pieces grabbed our attention this week?”  In November, three topics run the show: drug prices, Pharmamerging markets and the “Big bad Pharma”, as they call it. But I guess… you already know that.

Today, we decided to focus on more updated (and less controversial) topics: the shift towards specialized medicine, the new “digital ecosystem” created by technology, what happens when mHealth meets Big Pharma, and more. Especially recommended, is a Pharmaphorum piece, by Daniel Ghinn, on social listening strategies.

Happy reading and have a lovely week end.

1. Big Data And The Journey To Personalized Medicine

By Clemens Suter-Crazzolara, published on Forbes

The shift towards personalized medicine is revolutionizing the healthcare practice. Conclusions from two recent conferences on this issue state that the physician role will change dramatically, diagnostic and treatment quality will improve greatly, and wearables and devices will be a part of daily life. However, these are not the only shifts Pharma practitioners should take into account. This article reviews some of the disruptive shifts created by the move towards personalized medicine and their effect on Pharma.

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2. Pharma moving to novel digital business models

By Brags Srinivasan, published on pharmaphorum

A recent survey by Accenture, targeting 1000+ C-suite and D-suite executives across various industries, among them over 100 senior executives from life sciences, reveals that five main technology trends are creating a new ecosystem – the “digital ecosystem”. Embracing the effects of this ecosystem could mean capturing an estimated $100 billion of commercial value in the US over the next 5 years for Pharma. Caught your attention? Read on to find out more about the digital trends and their effects on Pharma.

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3. Big Pharma, Meet mHealth; mHealth, Meet Big Pharma

By Joe Dustin, published on Forbes

In the current environment, where, according to estimates, it costs over 2$ billion to develop a new drug, it is not surprising that Pharma is looking for digital solutions to cut costs. Developments in mHealth data provide such a solution, allowing Pharma to optimize clinical trials while cutting costs. This article presents the way GSK, one of the early adaptors of mHealth possibilities, utilizes it in their development processes and the possibilities they believe it could present to Pharma.

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4. Pharma gets social: 7 pharma social listening strategies

By Daniel Ghinn, published on pharmaphorum

Though patients and practitioners have been sharing their thoughts, views and experiences through social media for years now, it took a while for Pharma to cautiously engage in active listening. Today, social listening is more widespread, allowing Pharma to enjoy its advantages such as, understanding practitioner’s decisions [DA1] when recommending a drug, understanding patient’s needs and even procuring information on competitor’s drug launch plans. This article will provide you with knowledge of seven ways the Pharma industry is using social listening and with an action-oriented bottom line.

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5. Decoding the Top 10 Buzzwords of Healthcare Big Data Analytics

By Jennifer Bresnick, published on HealthITAnalytics

mHealth data, digital ecosystem, personalized medicine analytics – are only a few of the healthcare terms used in this post alone. If you’ve reached this far by reading all the articles, you’re probably an expert by now! But, in case you aren’t and left a bit confused by all the healthcare, big data analytics terms mentioned practically everywhere these days, this article will be the 101 on exactly what you need to know.

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