Patient Centricity – When Patients Change the Pharma Game

On the 11th day of Christmas my true love sent to me:
A whole new Pharma approach dedicated to me!

With today’s technology allowing patients to browse and compare different treatments and various drugs, the Pharma industry can no longer rely on a product’s efficacy alone. The consumer culture has pervaded the Pharma industry and patients now act as consumers in any other industry, demanding better, more personal-based services, lower costs and better results. And like in any other industry, pharmaceuticals will have to keep up with the changing dynamics and rethink their approach to match a more informed, fastidious patient/consumer.

Whatever organizational changes the Pharma industry might undergo as an attempt to adjust to the new patient profile, the approach in mind has to be based on patient centricity. From treatment feedback to drug reviews, marketing research should be able to tap into today’s patient’s expectations and demands or else get left behind.

To put it simply, the race is now for the patient’s demands, and no longer for the insurance companies’ preferences. As mentioned in PwC, Pharma is now compelled to “customize its offerings for patients who now prioritize preventive, personalized therapies.