Commercialising AI: Are We There Yet?

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The business case for wholesale adoption of AI doesn’t need to be made. But how far along is pharma? Advanced analytics and machine learning are the words on everyone’s lips in pharma right now. Companies big and small are…

P&G eliminated $250M of
non-productive inventory
in its first year with Verix

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Listen to Andy Walter's, former Procter and Gamble head of IT, innovation spotlight at PharmaForce 2017, about analytics transformation. “We eliminated $250M of non-productive inventory in the first year of our analytic transformation with…

2018 here we come!

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It’s the first week of 2018, and I’m looking back with pride at another dynamic year at Verix. We’ve achieved some remarkable milestones this last year, continuing to push the envelope of analytical insights for business users. I’m grateful…
Andy Walter interviewVerix

An Interview with Andy Walter

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"6-8 weeks to have a solution running, creating value right away through helping the sales force, helping the business process, and drive the end business results." Andy Walter, former IT VP at Procter & Gamble, speaks about how Verix…

Can You Build an Analytic Solution with Lego Blocks?

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Absurd? Not necessarily. We presented this challenge to the audience at our PharmaForce 2017 Round Table session, which by and large was crowned “the best roundtable ever”. Well, even if you don’t end up building your entire solution…

What if you had Alexa on your team?

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"Alexa, tell me about our product performance with key opinion leaders in the Mid-West?" "You are on target for the month, but there was a formulary change with a key provider and an unexpected number of patients just switched off of treatment,…

We'll be in Full Force at PharmaForce

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I’m always excited to participate in new events, and as a newcomer to Verix I am also really looking forward to getting to know our Eco system and potential partners in person. This year, we’re engaging the Sales and Marketing Leadership…

Impressions from the Veeva Summit

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Aside from having a great time meeting old friends (whether from college or in orange suits!) and new potential partners, I came away from the Veeva Commercial Summit earlier this month with two exciting impressions. The first being, that…

Key Takeaways from 2016 PMSA

Last month’s PMSA annual conference in Las Vegas was another great opportunity to catch up with partners and customers, and to get up-to-date insights into some of Pharma industry’s latest analytics trends and challenges. We enjoyed the…