On Dinner, Reports and Managed Markets

Sometimes dinner talk in not only about the kids, logistics, summer camps and what to do with hyperactive teens during the holiday. Sometimes, and only sometimes, heavy questions land on the table with ease, for which I have no real answers.

Take, for example, my husband’s question last evening. Mr. H is CXO of a big retail company having to deal with complex issues daily but…yesterday he had a simple query: why do employees who receive reports from our home office analysts become unsettled if the color or the order of the report has been changed. I had some guess but no real answers.

A perfect example is Managed Markets. With so many data sources adding up every day… it’s a mess: IMS Plantrak, SHS Physician Payer, Specialty Pharmacy, Fingertip Formulary, Medi Media Formulary along with in-house CRM, Data Warehouse and legacy BI data. You name it.

How can one make sense of the data and pinpoint the information that can boost sales? Less time manipulating spreadsheets means more time in the field taking full advantage of formulary wins and minimizing potential threats from competition. Custom, simple and actionable analytics – easy comparisons across brands, similar accounts or regions create the framework for clear, direct, sales-force guidance and feedback.

For the home office, the time associated with running ad hoc reports can be substantially reduced and redeployed to more strategic analytics.

In order to face these challenges successfully, all level managers in the Pharma industry need immediate, direct and easy access to real-time data and so do personnel in the field. They simply cannot be dependent on other departments providing them with mediated stats and slow-to-come answers to pressing questions. Data needs to be presented in a way easily understood and consumed by all level business users. Mainly, with so many data sources to be integrated and analyzed, what users want is to avoid surprises, such as data discrepancies, data visualization changes.

And, yes, sometimes…just a change in colors can make the difference.

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