New iPad functionality driving usability and increasing ROI

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In a recent survey among our users in Life Sciences Sales (account managers, regional managers, and national mangers), we learned that 40% are using solely our iPad application, 30% are sticking to their desktop or laptop, and 30% are using both. That is 70% of our users, are using the iPad Verix application on a daily basis!

In a couple of weeks, we’ll release Verix xPad 2.4 expansion pack for our iPad Business Analytics application, to over 2000 users at Daiichi Sankyo. The new release, now in Beta with select users, features enhanced navigation capabilities, with state of the art finger navigation, and numerous usability improvements.

Usability is key at Verix. Our Human Factor engineers constantly strive to improve our eminent user interface. The upcoming release adds numerous details based on user feedback as well as academic research in Human Factors and Ergonomics. Our guiding principle is to make it as easy as possible to separate the wheat from the chaff – popping up what’s relevant for every user, and ONLY what’s relevant. Colors, maps, fonts, layout, charts design, and animation, are optimized to create the most straightforward user experience in Business Analytics. Our aim is to prevent the overwhelming effect of too much information, which a lot of it, isn’t relevant to the user.

Each Verix Business Analytical App, offers packaged functionality to solve a specific business problem. The user experience is designed to automatically focus users’ attention to relevant information related to this business problem. Upon deployment, the Apps are configured per role, per process, and per organization.

A straightforward user interface, with intuitive, clear to grasp information, pinpointing the user to what’s relevant for their role and the process they work on, make the secret sauce for high usability, and subsequently, improved business results.