A Medical Devices Smart-Wearables Spree for the Holidays

On the third day of Christmas my true love gave to me: Smart shoes & smart socks – it’s a smart wearable spree!

With shipments estimated at 45 million by 2017, smart wearable products are expected to become the next big thing in the tech industry in general, and in Pharma in particular.

With wearables providing you with your calorie intake, blood pressure, heart rate, or how much to eat, what exactly you should eat, and how many steps you need to walk- these products are marking the beginning of a new era in personalized medical devices. In other words, this is yet a further step towards a patient-centralized approach roaming through the medical industry at large, and the Pharma industry as a consequence.

smart medical devices

The only challenge now is making these products valuable for today’s consumers: rather than provide an endless stream of data, they should answer specific consumer/patient’s needs.


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