How to Measure Success When Implementing an AI-based Commercial Operations Solution

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A real-life study showed 40% performance improvement by reps utilizing the platform-generated dynamic target lists

As leading pharma companies join the AI/ML trend in attempt to automate and streamline their commercial operations, some key questions arise – How can you evaluate the results? How do you measure success? How can you tell, unambiguously, that improvement can be attributed to a new method?

Recently, one Oncology division at a leading pharmaceutical company in the US contracted us to revise their approach to targeting and segmentation, and to help boost the brand’s sales. Traditionally, the company contracted 3rd party consultants, but the results were sub-optimal. Every six months, the consulting company would develop a model from scratch. When they concluded an engagement with one vendor, they would have to either contract a new vendor, or re-contract the same vendor, to replicate results on a different data set. They sought out Verix’s solution to leverage an innovative platform that can reuse AI models at scale, for multiple data sets, and even for multiple products.

A Novel Approach to Targeting and Segmentation

The Data Science team implemented Verix’s platform, streamlining the robust decision engine with the company’s Oncology brand activities. The dynamic AI/ML based target lists allowed the sales force to focus on the right HCPs through optimal channels, while adding value to the customer’s offering and promoting scalability.

An Authentic Measurement of Success

The platform’s decision engine includes tracking and monitoring modules that presented the company with key metrics on various utilization factors, such as how many people log into and use the system on a regular basis, how many different roles make use of our technology, how steady their use is, and, most importantly, whether the solution really makes a difference in their operations, performance, and results.

These metrics provided clear indication of an increase in HCP engagement, new scripts and new writers, as well as the achievement of other leading KPIs, when using the Verix solution to impact and implement engagement strategies, as compared to the use of traditional measures. Additionally, the company’s churn rate decreased.

To ascertain that these benchmarks could be attributed to the Verix solution, as opposed to increases in the company’s sales force, market fluctuations, or the competition receiving bad press, at just the right time, the company created a randomized controlled study: They sorted the company’s representatives by compliance – which reps closely followed the solution’s dynamic target lists and which continued to use old targeting lists, received twice a year from an external consulting firm. When measuring the performance of both groups over the course of 9 months, a 40% improvement in the performance of reps utilizing the platform-generated dynamic target lists was revealed (with a utilization rate of over 90%), clearly proving the value of Verix’s solution.

The study results showed that the Verix solution generated incremental revenue for the Oncology business unit with >30% increase in TRx & NBRx performance per HCP and increased Reach and Frequency on Tier 1 and Tier 2 HCPs in high-performing territories.

Next Steps

The company discovered that the Verix solution not only creates highly-targeted, winning strategies, but also enables them to scale to other brands (such as from breast cancer to hematology and other solid tumor brands) in a very short amount of time (few weeks rather than 6-9 months!), citing this capability as a tremendous advantage. Presently, the company is in the midst of implementing our solution across other products and brands in their portfolio, creating models that are production-ready in a few weeks, rather than in months or even years, with great accuracy and precision.

As Verix continues to reinvent how pharmaceutical companies interact with HCPs and combine human intelligence with the latest artificial intelligence technology to leverage the widest variety of customer data possible. Our winning strategies will be executed to provide a highly accurate, personalized approach to customer engagements and generate value, faster than ever before, for this particular company, as well as for our other partners in the pharmaceutical industry.

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