Looking Forward: 2016’s First Pharma Articles Roundup to Launch Your Year

Steven Aitchison once said, “People change for two main reasons: either their minds have been opened or their hearts have been broken.”

Looking at lessons learned from 2015 and outlooks for 2016, it might be the case.

From the good guy (Brent Saunders) vs. the “heart breaker” (Martin Shkreli), to the US election’s only healthcare issue: ACA – democrats versus republicans; or the though predictions questions, such as  “Drug pricing – what’s next?”, “Will Valeant be stabilized or broken up?”, “Will Theranos publish data?” and more, there is never a dull moment in Pharma in the open/broken category.

There is no doubt that with 45 approved new drugs in 2015, the largest one-year tally since 1996, the FDA succeeded in quite the grand opening. But, more importantly, the question remains about patient centricity – how far will the industry open and how many hearts will remain broken?

This year’s first curation of the year brings fresh new articles on the biggest winners and losers in the 2015 race for drug approvals, Matthew Herper predictions for 2016, 20 people who shaped healthcare in 2015, Pharmaguy’s New Year resolutions and more.

Happy reading and happy New Year.

1. What’s Up Next? Biotech And Pharma Predictions For 2016

By Matthew Herper, published on Forbes

When it comes to the period right before the New Year, you can always count on two things: year round-ups and up-coming predictions for the following year.

Matthew Herper’s predictions for the Pharma industry seem to have gained much attention, not surprisingly, as he touches on two of the hottest issues around: drug prices and political arena affects.

His “watch list” and bold predictions are also a decent sum-up of what everyone will be talking about this year.

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2. Keeping pharma relevant in 2016

By Hanno Wolfram, published on phrmaphorum

Despite enormous changes the Pharma industry is going through, it seems the discussion that never leaves the table is all about costs, prices and rebates.

Hanno Wolfram contends this is because Pharma makers don’t invest in building unique, differentiated brands that provide superior value to their clients.

Instead, they are stuck following benchmarks and best practices, which keep them stagnant in the status quo. Pharma must change its ways in 2016 in order to stay relevant and meet the rising demands from patients and practitioners.

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3. The biggest winners–and losers–in the 2015 race for new drug approvals

By John Carroll, published on FierceBiotech

The record high approval rate of new drugs by the FDA in 2015 proves to be a double edge sword; on the one hand, fast and easy approvals support R&D efforts and therefore boost medical advancement; on the other hand, an overflow of rival drugs creates a very difficult market environment, sometimes bringing sales outcomes to a screeching halt.

In this article Carroll reviews the drugs and companies that triumphed this year, and the ones that didn’t, as well as possible factors for both outcomes.

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4. 20 people who shaped healthcare in 2015: part 1

By Andrew McConaghie, published on phrmaphorum

2015 was a hectic year in Pharma; but, we found that, ultimately, the major successes were driven by the people.

This first installment out of a two-piece article reviews some of the most influential and noteworthy people who “made” the industry this passing year and will most likely shape it in the years to come.

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5. Pharmaguy’s 2016 New Year’s Resolutions for the Pharma Industry

By Pharmaguy, published on Pharma Marketing Blog

John Mack, a.k.a., Pharmaguy, is known for his unique style and observations on the Pharma industry, and his New Year’s resolution list is no different.

Breaking his personal resolution of not telling the Pharma industry what to do, he proceeds with providing seven suggestions (or desired resolutions) that Pharma really should adopt. Read on to see if you agree..

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6. Hollywood & Pharma – Who Are the People Who Made 2015 ‘Juicy’?

By Annie Reiss, published on Verix.com

With so many sum-umps and reviews, you just can’t stand to read yet another Pharma trend sum-up.

We know, because that’s what we were thinking too. So, this year we’ve decided to spice things up a little bit, because it’s the holiday season and you deserve some rest and, well…because it’s fun.

So, let’s put some fun Hollywood-“gossip” into our “bow-tie” Pharma world!

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