Verix’s latest release significantly enhances performance of life science sales and marketing teams

Advanced analytics enables highly focused insights and  boosts collaboration between teams for optimal execution of business strategy.

San Jose, CA – August 13, 2020 – Verix, a leading provider of advanced analytics for life sciences business functions, has announced a new version of its commercial intelligence platform, which promises unique new capabilities, enhanced user experience, and a noticeable boost in speed.

Verix’s new version is based on the latest AI and machine learning technologies. The optimized backend algorithms greatly increase performance, which means faster and more accurate analysis of petabytes of data for fine-grain insights that enable an optimal combination of human and artificial intelligence. Sales and marketing teams can quickly analyze KPIs, identify trends and take action to create personalized customer engagements.

The commercial intelligence platform is the foundation for Verix’s leading products – Tovana for strategic planning and Verix Limelight for ongoing optimization. The guiding design principle is process oriented – integrating automation of business processes into the organization’s workflow, allowing different roles to have different views and access, for maximum collaboration between business stakeholders (e.g. Home Office & Field Users in adjusting the target list).

A notably enriched capability is Storix, Verix’s story telling application, which allows users to record a workflow of analyses to create a clear presentation of their business and have it refreshed automatically with the latest data with a click of a button. An extremely useful capability for any sort of interactive collaboration such as monthly business reviews or alignment on marketing campaigns. Storix is used to easily share latest information with managers and peers on performance, insights, and competitive intelligence. Automation of these processes saves hours of tedious repetitive work and ensures transparency among all stakeholders.

Verix’s highly valued HotSpots, Intelligent Business Alerts, have been enhanced with machine learning technology to detect exceptional events that require attention with more precision and contextual analysis. The enhanced algorithms allow for granular level HotSpots at  the individual prescriber level, ensuring relevant and meaningful alerts on opportunities and threats that require attention.

A new state-of-the-art user interface greatly simplifies interacting with data and leveraging it for optimized performance. The initial landing page upon logging into the system, provides a summary state of affairs with a high-level view on marketing, sales, product dynamics, and market access with HotSpots to clearly highlight trends, changes and causes.

About Verix

Verix is the leading provider of dedicated analytic solutions for Life Sciences Commercial Operations to solve complex business problems and reach profitable growth. Verix’s AI based analytic solutions embed deep learning with abundant domain expertise to provide timely, focused, must-have insights for better, more creative and efficient decision making.

Based on a robust proprietary platform comprised of a dedicated DataMart with embedded business logic and a business rules manager, Verix’s analytic applications are used by Fortune 500 clients worldwide.