The Latest Pharma News Articles to Wrap Up the Month

Another week has passed. Meteorologists apologized for their ‘big miss’ after predicting a ‘historic blizzard’. At home, we happily greeted a normal January snowfall while taking the time to review the latest Pharma news articles.

The global healthcare market is rapidly progressing toward using digital technology to solve problems, improve delivery of services, market Pharma products, and increase prescription enrollments. Of course, Big Data plays a huge role in helping to develop such forms of digital technology.

This week’s trending articles reveal insights on how digital innovation is fixing some problems that exist with conventional methods.

1. Insights from the World’s Largest Healthcare Market
By Jeffrey Frick, published on EyeForPharma

Based on 25 years of global healthcare experience and direct work in China, Jeffrey Frick is the right guy to discuss the World’s largest healthcare market – China. According to Frick, there are two obvious reasons why China’s healthcare market is so huge – the size of China’s aging population and a prevalence of chronic diseases. In this article, Frick discusses the issue of monetary arrangements between Healthcare Providers (HCPs) and Pharma companies in the western world, and how China is cracking down on such relationships to ensure funds are focused on improving patient care and not on increasing profits of Pharma companies. Due to this crack-down, HCPs in China are being pushed to ration their care because of financial constraints. Enter in digital and social media. Read more to find out how digital and social media are helping to fix some of these issues facing China’s healthcare market.

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2. IDNs – What Pharma Needs to Know
By Rita E. Numerof, PhD, published on EyeForPharma

Straying away from traditional methods of delivery, Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs) are rapidly emerging as a trend in healthcare. In this article, Numerof discusses what Pharma needs to know about these important customers. Due to a shift toward value-based healthcare, providers are consolidating their services into large organizations such as IDNs so that they can meet patients’ demands for high quality, low costs, and coordination of care. IDNs will obviously have a huge impact on Pharma. Therefore, firms need to learn more about IDNs and find out how the needs and goals of IDNs impact the decisions they make about which drugs and devices to use. Read more to find out some important facts that manufacturers need to know about IDNs.

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3. Digital Sales Tools are Influencing More Docs to Consider Prescriptions?
By Ed Silverman, published on The Wall Street Journal

There are now statistics showing that digital sales tools are beginning to influence physicians’ prescribing behavior more than traditional sales pitches. In this article, Silverman presents statistical evidence extracted from the United States, United Kingdom, and Japan. However, digital sales tools in Japan do not have as much effect as they do in the U.S and U.K, and Silverman blames this variation on cultural and geographical differences. Read more to learn how Pharma is responding to this new trend.

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4. Healthcare Is Headed Down A New Road With New Rules In 2015
By Reenita Das, published on Forbes

According to Reenita Das, there are new healthcare trends that we can expect in 2015 that are going to change the rules as we know it. Some of the expectations for 2015 include the following:

• Landslide acceptance of private exchanges
• Employers Incentivizing mHealth
• Consumers Spending Out of Pocket on Health & Wellness
• Boom or Bust for Wearables
• E-commerce Giants Take First Steps in Healthcare
• Healthcare Hacked
• Cognitive Analytics Becomes Commercial
• Opportunity Meets Promise in India
• Chinese Competitors Stake Claims in Global Markets

Read the article to learn more about these predictions for 2015.

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5. Digital dawn: Online interactions with MDs leading to more prescripts
By Nicole Gray, published in BioPharmaDIVE

This is yet another article that provides supporting evidence for digital success in recruiting physicians and hence increasing the number of prescriptions. According to Gray, doctors’ prescribing behaviors are now highly influenced by three kinds of digital sales tools – emails, webinars, and automated sales calls. In summary, physicians are becoming more responsive to digital interactions. Read the article for the full BioPharmaDive brief and insight.

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