Impressions from the Veeva Summit

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Aside from having a great time meeting old friends (whether from college or in orange suits!) and new potential partners, I came away from the Veeva Commercial Summit earlier this month with two exciting impressions.

The first being, that it seems the commercial operations of Life Science companies are becoming more and more aware that their sales teams need to be much less focused on searching for data and insights in order to meet their goals. What they need is much more automated delivery of insights and recommendations on who they should be focusing on (not necessarily just the predefined Target lists from the beginning of the quarter..), and what makes each one of their targets tick. What is unique to their recent behavior and which message will work best for each one?

This is actually an affirming feeling I came away with, as I have felt for quite a while now that this is what solutions for commercial operations should be delivering. Good to know we have been putting our efforts in the right place! Our Pre-Call Planning app leverages Verix’s Smart Text and HotSpots capabilities to deliver recommendations and suggestions to field users and other commercial operations stakeholders.

The second topic that was good to hear a lot of emphasis being put on was the importance and value Veeva and other major market players see in SaaS solutions that provide first-class service models. In a world that in many ways has been migrating towards off-the-shelf tools, I have always been and still remain an advocate of a strong service culture. I truly believe – and am happy to have gotten confirmation for this at the conference – that without expert service (both in the business domain and the technological one) no solution can fully deliver on business users’ expectations and TCO in the long run.

As always, the Veeva summit provided a great opportunity to stay updated on Pharma and CRM market trends. Looking forward to 2017!