How to Get a Chocolate Easter Egg and Not a Chicken One

You see, that’s the problem with Easter – you never know if the beautifully colored egg, with patterns and shimmers all over it, is a truly sweet, chocolate Easter egg. Although the outside matters to some extent, what really counts, as usual, is the inside – much like with data analytics solutions…

The visuals always steal the show, and when you’re looking for a sweet egg, it’s tempting to choose the most cheerfully designed one. It’s only when you get to the inside that you realize not every beautiful egg bears sweets.

The same goes when you’re looking for a smart data analytics solution – it’s easy to be fooled by the colored diagrams and beautifully articulated graphs, but to find a real solution for your data overload, you need to dig much deeper, and see if designed excel reports truly deliver the smart analytics your business is longing for. Not every perfectly designed report bears a deep analysis that produces valuable insights.

So how do we choose the right egg for us?

Well, a good way to start is by shaking the egg a little, trying to find if there’s a liquid-sound to it. Another way could be gently tapping on the egg to establish the insides by how hollow it sounds.

And in searching for the best data analytics solution? Well, you’ll have to overlook the well-designed diagrams, and check what kind of value the analyses offer you:

  • Do they measure your sales efforts performance and effectiveness?
  • Do they give you insight on your competitor’s trends and actions?
  • Do they make your clustered data bits into a comprehensive story?
  • Do they produce real-time insights to allow for on-the-spot decision making?
  • Do they allow decision makers to access analyzed insights themselves?

In short, do they truly offer the best possible solution to support your commercial operations, enrich your reps with relevant information and boost your sales? Because if they don’t, you might be looking at a beautifully colored egg, with no sweets to be found inside.