How to Drive Sales Force Effectiveness with the Right Pre Call Planning Solution

The Pharma sales rep role is in jeopardy. M&As, regulatory changes, digital influences – these are just a few of the market pressures influencing the future of the sales rep. Underscoring this view is the vast sales force layoffs the Pharmaceutical industry is seeing.

For sales reps that remain, life is hard. Doctors generally won’t see them, causing reps to spend countless hours in a futile endeavor. When sales reps can get their foot in the door, time constraints prevent them from fully rendering an innovative, comprehensive sales pitch. Ironically, doctors continue to prefer receiving most recent drug information from sales rep, which means that the role won’t be completely phased out in the near future.

For commercial operations teams to drive sales force effectiveness, they need to help sales reps better prepare for the sales call and provide improved tools.

Pre-call Planning

The customer holds the power in the physician-sales rep exchange. As such, the sales rep’s job must be more customer-facing. The personal approach involves improving the timing of the sales rep to physician interaction and opting for innovative communication channels to get front and center. When face-to-face doors shut, commercial operations teams can find digital roads into the doctor’s office.

Analytical tools help Pharma identify the doctors’ preferences in order to connect them with the right products, which ultimately reduces waste. For example, data insights can reveal which doctors prefer receiving drug maker product information via digital channels versus those that still prefer the face-to-face meeting. Sales rep can spend targeted time interacting with the physicians most likely to use their products, customizing their pitch and maximizing their efforts.

Wielding the Right Pre Call Planning Solution

Overcoming sales force effectiveness troubles means understanding the healthcare climate. Today’s physicians are often part of a healthcare system, which means collective decisions are made regarding sales rep access to physicians and also drug product usage.

As such, sales reps must often switch up their pitch. Whereas doctors need to understand the drug’s efficacy and effectiveness, healthcare system reps are attracted to products that help them cut costs and already fit within their payer reimbursement programs. Instead of approaching a single point of contact, sales reps must act as a bridge across multiple facets of the healthcare system, identify the individuals who can influence purchasing decisions, and know who the decision-makers are.

The right data analytics solution is no longer a luxury. Commercial operations teams need access to relevant stats like physician and healthcare system data. Sales rep need easy and instant access to performance metrics and data insights – all in one place that’s streamlined to make their jobs easier and drive performance.

Before they ever make a call, a comprehensive dashboard featuring information like sales, anonymous longitudinal patient Rx data, payer information, MD profiles, geographic maps and more help sales reps perform.

In these challenging times where the Pharma industry is overhauling more than just the sales force, the data analytics solution your organization employs and the preparation reps make before the sales call is all the difference. That’s how a sales rep can thrive in today’s difficult market and commercial operations team can drive sales force effectiveness.

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