Google Pill – Changing the Future of Pharma As We Know It?

On the eighth day of Christmas my true love sent to me:
A tiny, little Google pill to check my body!

We’ve already dedicated one Pharma Christmas carol to Nanotechnology, but with the announcement of the Google pill, it’s almost a crime not to dedicate a whole day of Christmas carol just for this.

What’s so special and revolutionary about this new pill, and Google’s recent efforts into developing new technologies capable of improving healthcare, is the fresh approach. As Andrew Conrad, head of Google X Life Sciences says, their aim is more than to just develop new technologies – Google is trying to change the current paradigm in medicine from reactive and episodic to proactive and cumulative.

This creative and innovative rethinking of current medical paradigms is the very beginning of what will soon become a different way of thinking of medicine and pharma all together.

Talking about significant events to change the future of pharma as we know it – the Google pill is it.