Digital Technology in Pharma and Its Influence on Sales Reps

On the sixth day of Christmas my true love sent to me-
Wait…Could it be a selfie…?

Yes indeed, the rise of ‘everything digital’ is occupying our 6th day carol, and for a good reason. Pharma needs to get well familiar with digital technology, or else it would fail to meet today’s customer demand.

Although digital technology in pharma is already making a big impact everywhere in the industry, it might have the most influence on the sales force, where it is literally reshaping both communication with customers and marketing strategies. With ‘selfies’ representing this decade’s growing culture of customer-centricity, reps will soon have to require new technology and communication skills and become experts in social media platforms, multi-channel communications, and all from a customer-satisfaction point of view.

Digital technology in pharma faces these pharma reps with a challenge; they can either perceive it as a threat to traditional sales practices and ignore it, or as a stepping stone to an interactive marketing world where they can leverage digital platforms to improve communication and satisfaction with customers, which consistently results in better financial performances.

Or in other words, they might just need to become our “super hero” sales reps.

digital technology in pharma


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