Data Mastering? Don’t Let It Stand in Your Way

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Analytics first- Mastering Later

It’s bad enough you need to worry about the real issues, like declining sales and increased competition, sales force redeployment, restructuring, or changing product portfolio (due to new products or company mergers and acquisitions).

Now, you also need to worry about data mastering?

Assigning your product to the physician who prescribed it – How hard can it be?

Pharmaceutical products are now increasingly based on accounts distribution rather than an Rx with prescriber identification. With the recent and continuing growth of pharmaceutical products being handled in a “buy and bill” model, such as specialty drugs, there’s less clarity on which physicians are actually prescribing the product, thus making it difficult to identify and target the right physicians, and then integrate the data with other data assets such as CRM, promotion, etc.

Data Mastering – The never ending story…

So, it is indeed a business imperative to create and maintain a complete and accurate master data file. But, you don’t always have the time or the money to take on a project as big as data mastering, and even if you did, master data management is a long, ongoing activity that is never really “completed”.

What do you do to make sense of your data – when you don’t have a data warehouse yet, and your data still needs organizing and alignment?

Brand performance can’t wait until you have the resources needed to master all of your data. You need actionable insights, now.

The good news.

The right analytics solution maximizes your data and produces highly utilized insights, without having to wait for full master data management.

Here’s how:

By implementing an analytics solution dedicated to handling multiple data sources, data management and alignment, you’ll immediately profit from essential expertise in:

  • Data integration & transformation
  • Data cleansing
  • Mapping & quality checks

And immediately improve your sales effectiveness and brand performance based on your current data “mess” with:

  • Timely, accurate & actionable reports to sales reps
  • Lower cost of ownership than traditional BI models
  • High utilization rates among sales forces
  • No disruption to field forces once you do begin your data mastering project

So, yes, data is a mess.

It just keeps flowing in, and at some point, you’re going to have to start mastering it.

But, you can always use what you already have, and take the relevant data, maximize its value and produce valuable insights: verify it, question it, de-dupe it, apportion it – all to make sure the data you’re sending to the field is as comprehensive and accurate as possible.

Implementing an analytics solution that includes the right kind of data expertise, even when you don’t have a data warehouse and haven’t mastered your data yet, gives your sales force the competitive intelligence it needs to sell more – with your current data mess.