How to Create a Data Story Across Commercial Operations Teams

On the seventh day of Christmas my true love sent to me:
Verix’s brand new ASG!

For our 7th day of our Pharma Christmas carol, we couldn’t help but mention this game changer solution, which was developed to manage the most complex big data clusters in Pharma and create a coherent data story to share across different departments.

Unlike other standard data analytics solutions, this one truly puts every other application in its back pocket. Today, Pharma is dealing with unprecedented amounts of data, threatening to confuse and bewilder our most talented data analysts, consequently leading commercial operations to viewing only a partial picture of the market reality.

Well, Verix’s Analytical Story Generator literally saves the day in that respect, providing the Pharma industry with the most sophisticated data analysis fit to handle huge amounts of complex, ever-changing data.

But that’s not the only feature making this solution stand out from various data analysis applications – Verix’s Analytical Story Generator is, first and foremost, a platform for a collaborative sharing of information. For the first time, co-workers can share their knowledge and insights through one simple, coherent system- or, if you will- one data story teller. Because that’s what the ASG is really about- telling a single consistent story of our business.

So here it is, our 7th gift – a truly remarkable contribution to the Pharma data world, and commercial operations, in particular.